5 Reasons Why I Decided to Go On 'Coupled'


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I hope you were able to tune into last night’s premiere of Coupled! This new show, created by Mark Burnett, is modeled after the modern dating apps that we all use, like Tinder. Twelve women meet a new man each episode and after a few minutes of talking to him, she has to decide if she is going walk right if she’s interested or walk left if she isn’t (instead of swiping!). From there, the guy chooses two of the women who walked right to go one a date with, and after a few hours, he chooses one of them to live at the ‘Couples Villa’ with.

People who know me well aren’t surprised that I decided to try to find love on a dating show, but it was a big decision figuring out if I should do it. Granted, with Coupled being a Mark Burnett creation (Also creator of Shark Tank, Survivor, etc.) I knew it would be an amazing experience, but below are the 5 reasons why I ultimately decided to go on Coupled.

1.Why Not!

I have always been one to take risks, try out new things and to challenge myself in different ways. That is just who I am! I also want a man who is sure of himself and knows what he wants. And hey, if he’s willing to come on national TV to find what he’s looking for, all the more props to him!

2. I wanted to learn about myself & take action

I’ve learned a TON about myself by running Beautini but my love life is an area that I lost focus on for a bit. It’s hard trying to find time to date while running and growing a company so I decided to be proactive and try to incorporate dating more into my life. It was a BIG decision to decide if I could really take the time away from Beautini but thanks to my amazing staff and investors, I was able to take this opportunity knowing that my baby would be okay 

3. Dating apps weren’t working out

I’ve been on everything from Tinder to Bumble to The League and I just wasn’t swiping across anyone that I truly connected with. I am looking for my Prince Charming and not just someone to have a good time with so I think that makes it challenging when searching on these platforms. I do think you can certainly find “your person” on an app or a dating site but it just wasn’t working for me (maybe too many pizza pics in my profile! haha.).

4. I want to find my Prince Charming

According to Coupled I am a “self proclaimed hopeless romantic” and it’s true. Since the time I was a little girl I have always dreamed about my wedding day and “the one” for me. I believe in soulmates and I believe in love and I am ready to find him! Granted you can just decide to find him and think that you will but if you don’t put yourself out there then you just loose out on opportunities that will help you find him.

 5. My Beautini clients

My company Beautini specializes in bridal beauty services so I spend many hours with brides and attend a TON of weddings (I think it’s one of my main hobbies!)! Listening to our brides talk about their partners and hearing how they fell in love inspires me to pursue my love story.


I hope this post shed some light on my motivations! For now, I hope you enjoy the show, and for those of you in Poughkeepsie NY, join me next Tuesday, May 24th at 9 pm to watch the new episode at Hurricane Grills & Wings!

Xo B.Lo


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