Essentials to Pack for A Tropical Honeymoon

10 Reminders for Packing for Your Honeymoon Getaway!

What better way to celebrate spending a lifetime together than some fun in the sun!

Getting ready for your honeymoon, but not sure what to pack for a tropical destination? Between planning last minute wedding details and trying to complete your never ending to-do list, I’m sure packing for your honeymoon is in the back of your mind!  I’ve made it easy for you and came up with some key items for packing that might otherwise get left behind. Here are some essentials to help you out!

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1. Swimwear

The first thing that comes to mind when booking a tropical honeymoon is the beach, so it’s important not to forget some swimwear necessities! Make sure to pack a cute cover up, your favorite little bikini, and a tankini or one piece for a stylish, yet comfortable look!  


2. Sunglasses

Don’t start your honeymoon in a fret by forgetting this little, but important accessory!  Whether it’s for practical uses, like protecting your eyes from the sun, or just to add some extra style to any look, you won’t want to forget a pair of sunglasses or two when leaving for your post wedding getaway!


3. Flip Flops

You probably already packed some cute wedges and sandals for your fancy dinner reservations and nights out, but don’t forget to bring along a pair of flip flops for when you are sitting by the pool and heading to the beach!


4. Casual Attire

Don’t forget some versatile clothing that can be worn if you want to walk around the town or just grab lunch!  Remember to bring some practical clothes for a more casual look!


5. Floppy Hat

Want to tan by the pool, but don’t want sunglass tan lines? This is where the floppy hat comes in handy!  It keeps the sun out of your eyes and automatically makes your beachy look extra stylish!


6. Formal Dresses/Skirts

When we say pack light, we mean it, but of course all the newlyweds have reservations for most nights of their honeymoon!  Remember to bring some formal wear for each night out including dresses, skirts, and small accessories.


7. A Large Tote

Imagine you’re headed to the beach and need sunglasses, sunscreen, tanning oil, a book, your phone, snacks, water, and your emergency kit only to realize you have no way to carry it all.  One of the most important things that almost all couples seem to forget, so make sure to put a large tote on the packing list!


8. Beauty/Toiletries


The smallest items that can make the biggest difference when away on a tropical vacation!  Here are some key toiletries to remember:


A long lasting nail polish similar to what you already have on- nails tend to chip quickly when in the water and by the beach!

Tanning oil to achieve that natural bronzed glow while you enjoy your time in the sun with your hubby!

Bring along a shimmer spray to enhance your newly bronzed skin that also doubles as a perfume mist- perfect for a quick pick-me-up after a day in the sun!

You never know when that time of the month might sneak up on you, but to play it safe you should definitely pack at least a handful of feminine hygiene products just in case.

Some may think sunscreen is an obvious toiletry, but with everything on your mind it is easy to forget.  You definitely don’t want to be in a situation where you are sitting on the beach only realize you don’t have this with you!

Spending all day everyday in the humidity and on the beach you should definitely pack waterproof mascara and a water resistant foundation.  You will not regret packing some long lasting makeup in the bag.

Heading out to a fancy dinner, but don’t have time to blowout your hair? Sea salt spray will be your best friend because you can just spritz this throughout your hair and be on your way!

Spent all day in the sun and now your skin is feeling dry?  Bring along some moisturizing lotion because more often than not the sun will dry out your skin.

Make sure to bring along a mini emergency kit with Advil/Tylenol, birth control, band aids, etc. because you never know when it’ll come in handy.


9.  Miscellaneous

To avoid those random expenses that always add seem to add up I’ve included some essentials that I think no honeymoon will be complete without!  Always remember to bring along:

An Underwater Camera

Passport/ Luggage Tags

Insect Repellent

Charger Converter




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