The 5 Best Burgers in NYC

As much as I love writing about beauty and weddings, I also LOVE food. Since tonight I demolished a burger at Virginia’s, I wanted to share my five favorite spots in NYC to enjoy a nice juicy burger with some friends either casually in Madison Square Park at Shake Shack or for a fancy date night at Minetta Tavern. Below are my top spots:

shake shack.jpg

1. shake shack (DUH!)

The ShackBurger

1. Shake Shack’s ShackBurger

This choice probably isn’t a surprise to many of you. For those who follow me on Instagram know how much I LOVE Shake Shack. For a juicy burger that melts in your mouth, is light on the wallet, and is easy to find around the city, Shake Shack is your best friend. Don’t forget to add a chocolate shake and fries to your order!


2. virginia’s

Virginia’s Burger

2. Virginia’s Burger

Thanks to a Tinder date I was introduced to Virginia’s burger and boy is it the best burger you can find at a restaurant in my opinion for the price! Virginia’s used to only serve the burgers at the bar but have now introduced it on its regular menu too. I think its great without adding the bacon; the buttery bun with the onion marmalade makes the everything come together in just one bite!


3. upland

The Cheeseburger

3. Upland’s Cheeseburger

My office is right near Upland so let’s just say that I love booking many of my lunch meetings at this restaurant. My biggest disappointment is when I order a burger and the meat tastes dry. I don’t care how much cheese you pile on it, if the meat is not juicy, the burger is doomed. Thankfully that is not the case at Upland, I even have ordered their burger without a bun and thoroughly loved it. In fact, President Obama has ordered it too!


4. Ainsworth

The Mac & Cheese Burger

4. Ainsworth’s Mac & Cheese Burger

This burger is a one of a kind. I definitely wouldn’t suggest eating this by yourself but it’s a great treat to enjoy amongst friends. This burger reminds me of a “garbage plate” for those of you from Upstate NY with a mixture of creamy cheesy mac & cheese, juicy meat and crunchy fries!


5.Minetta Tavern

The Black Label Burger

5. Minetta Tavern’s Black Label Burger

The Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern is famous for being one of the best burgers you can find in Manhattan. It does come with a hefty price tag of $33 but there are people out there who would agree with me that it’s worth every penny! Simplicity is often overlooked but with this burger consisting of just beef and onions, it’s simply perfect.

I hope you try out one of these delicious options the next time you are in NYC or have a fun dinner out in the town!