How To Master a Simple Contour


I hope you all had a fantastic time over the Holidays, and partied it up for New Years Eve! I’m back with my newest Beauty post for Little Miss Party, and this week, I’ll be teaching you guys how to perfect the makeup trend that has taken everyone by storm over the last few years… contouring. While I did this on Abby for an upcoming shoot that the LMP had, it is very easy to do on yourself… you just need good lighting and the right equipment!

Before you get started, you must determine which type of contour kit you would like to use.  Typically for oily skin, you would want to use a powder based kit, while with dryer skin, a creme kit might be better. For Abby, I decided to use a powder based kit, like this awesome one from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

1) Perform your normal makeup routine and set your base with foundation, etc.  You can even get your eyes and lips all ready before you contour!

2) Take your contour brush, like this one from Sephora, and apply your darkest shade of powder to the areas of the face you would like to create shadow and definition.  This is typically the hollows of the cheeks, the neck, and the sides of the nose.  Abby has a rounder face, so i went dark on the shading in the hollows of the cheeks.


3) Blend your darker shade into the skin to eliminate remaining lines.  Then, use a very light shade to highlight the highest parts of your face… the bridge of the nose, the top of the cheekbones, and the chin.

4) Using either your lightest shade of powder or a highlighting stick, create several lines on the forehead that meet to form a point at the middle of the eyebrows.  This will bring more light and focus to your eyes.

5) Last but certainly not least….BLEND! Using your blending brush, like this Pro Featherweight complexion brush from Sephora, blend in all of your lines to make sure that they look natural.

And there we are! You can go more dramatic or lighter on the contour, depending on what type of event you are attending.  The great thing about using a powder contour kit is that you can easily add or take away darker shades! What do you think of Abby’s contour look?


Until next time!



B. Lo