Choosing Dresses For Two Brides

One of the challenges with planning a same sex wedding with two brides is making sure that both brides choose dresses that 1) don’t match and 2) compliment each other! Many people still adhere to the belief that seeing the brides dress before the big day is bad luck, so when both ladies are planning on wearing dresses, how do you ensure that they are going to work together?

Well, these gorgeous brides did it the right way.  While planning the color palette for the wedding, they decided on a particular shade of ivory.  Once the color palette was determined, they picked their favorite gown designer, Edith Elan, and chose to both wear gowns made by her.  Genius!


They also opted to use the same hair stylist and makeup artist for the big day, Amy Henning of Bella Bridal, which aided in making sure that their looks were cohesive, but also allowed them to show off their individual styles in their bridal looks.


Each of their dresses were elegant and beautiful in their own way, with vintage touches and fine details.  They fit perfectly with the decor of the wedding, complimented each other, but did not detract from or outshine the other.

Congrats to these beautiful brides!




All photos by Nicole Miller, Photos by TSM.

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