5 Beauty Tips While Traveling

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After seeing lots of people travel over the holidays and complaining about their skin I thought this post would be useful when going on your next trip! I am actually heading to Miami, FL for my birthday in two weeks so I am looking forward to staying true to my tips and keep you posted on how my skin holds up! With this said, I wanted to share my must-have beauty tips when traveling below!




This is a no brainer, but you can never fully anticipate what can happen when flying. I always try to avoid buying airport food as I normally end up with greasy food at extremely inflated prices. However, my rule of thumb when traveling is always buy water before boarding. The circulated air on the plane leaves your skin dehydrated so being able to drink up before waiting for the flight attendants to come by is a bonus.




 We all love it and crave it, but avoiding sugary snacks when traveling (until you reach your destination of course!) is a must. Sugar does more damage to your skin than you think. Having too much sugar causes breakouts and reduces skins collage which important for your skin’s tone and structure.




Let’s just say that the air that is re-cirulated over and over during your flight isn’t the best for your skin. In addition, running to catch your flight and going through the security check point filled with germs doesn’t help either. Once you board, simply clean your face with a wipe to take off any surface debris your skin may have. I try to wait to put on makeup towards the end of my flight but if you must wear it for your flight you can skip this step just be extra careful about not touching your face.




To go off of tip #3, after your wipe your face clean, add a dab of face lotion to your face. This provides your skin with a barrier from the air circulating during the flight.




You’ve already put in the effort to keep your face spotless so now take this last step and pull your hair out of your face. This keeps your hair’s natural oils from wreaking havoc on your complexion. But avoid pulling it into a really tight bun or ponytail because that can cause hair breakage, especially around the hairline. A softy pulled bun will do the trick and you’ll be surprised with some luscious waves when you take it down.



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