4 Gifts for the Bride to Use On Her Wedding Day

4 Gifts for the Bride to Use On Her Wedding Day

It can be tricky finding a gift for your friend on her wedding day that is personable, useful and not something that another guest may have given her. As the Maid of Honor (MOH) or bridal party it can be very thoughtful to give the bride something the morning of her special day. However, this is not something that is expected or necessary to do. Even if you are a wedding guest and looking to have a part of your gift be a little unique, below are a few gift ideas that you could give to the bride day or for her bridal shower prior to the wedding day. This way she will be able to incorporate these gifts day of and each gift idea serves a useful purpose throughout the day!


The Mrs Box: $100 (With Mongoram)

One of my engaged friends showed me these adorable boxes and I have been following this brand ever since! The Mrs Box comes in 50+ colors and can be monogrammed to have the Bride's initials on top. Rings are something that are always photographed on a wedding day so giving the bride a beautiful box to keep her rings in would be especially useful day of prior to the ceremony!


Customized Bridal Dress Hanger: $20-$45

hanger gift.jpg

Before the bride puts on her dress it normally is hung up above a door for the photographer to take photos of, similarly to the rings. Sometimes all the bridesmaids dresses and wedding gown  are hung up and photographed together, often making the bride realize in the moment that she wished she had a prettier hanger for the dress! These hangers can be made to say "bride" or  customized with the bride's new last name!


‘Bride’ White Robe: $75-$90

kate spade robe.jpeg

A white bridal robe is particularly useful for when the bride is getting her hair and makeup done. Sometimes brides don't think about what they are going to wear morning of and so a white robe is perfect for the photographer and videographer to get her "getting ready" footage. A robe also allows the bride to easily change into her gown without ruining her hair and makeup. There are plenty of white robes you can find but this Kate Spade one happens to be a favorite of mine.


Something Blue’ Bouquet Charm ($15-$30)


This is a very sweet and thoughtful gift idea that helps the bride check off having 'something blue'! Bouquet charms are adhered right onto the handle of the bride's flower bouquet and can have a photo of a passed loved one or with the wedding date. Something I think is neat is have the wedding date and being blue since it can be difficult finding 'something blue' that isn't obnoxious. These charms I found on Etsy are nice and tiny so it doesn't take away from the beauty of the bouquet. The price range of these generally are pretty reasonable so you can show how much you care without breaking the bank too!

I hope these gift ideas help guide you to finding a thought gift for your friend on her very special day!


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