5 Beauty Products to Have On Hand As A Wedding Guest

Hey guys! This week I am super excited to introduce you to one of my fabulous friends, Danielle DeSantis, who is also a part of the wedding industry! Granted since she spends her weekends singing at weddings I thought she would be the perfect person to guest blog this week. I hope you enjoy!

Xo B.Lo




At most weddings, I’m working. So when I’m invited to a wedding as a guest, I take that shit seriously. I always get my hair done, and I usually spend time doing my makeup beforehand (which often includes a Youtube tutorial or two, but we don’t need to focus on that). I mean, the bride and groom are spending a ton on professional photography so the least I can do is not be the person in the background of the photos looking disheveled. 

My hair and makeup tends to become messy the more I hug people, drop it low, and chug champagne, so I've put together a list of products I keep in my clutch that always help me when my look begins to go astray.  

1. Eyelash Glue: 

If you're like me, you're most likely wearing falsies when attending a wedding, and unfortunately they can start to lift after hours of dancing, sweating, and batting them at single hot gentlemen (obvi I don’t do this, I’m married, duh). Ripping them off is a definite no-no, so let's make sure we can place those lifting edges back where they belong. Eyelash glue can also be good for other instances, like if your friend breaks a nail and you need to help her hold it together until she can get to the salon. 

2. Liquid Lipstick/Lipgloss: 

Once I choose my lip color and put it on, I need it again in between photo ops, after I eat, when I take break from the dance floor, ok, basically I’m reapplying all night long. So it’s a must. Later on in the evening, I’ll add whatever my lipgloss-of-the-moment happens to be if my lips begin to feel dry, or if I need to smooth out the color from earlier after eating. I recommend regular ole Sephora brand liquid lipstick. It’s affordable, matte, has an huge color selection and stays on ALL day. For lipgloss, my go-to’s are NARS and Buxom. I know a few drugstore brands, (like Revlon) sell a double sided liquid lipstick/lipgloss combination, too.

3. Mini Dry Shampoo: 

Triple Sec by Drybar not only helps you smell fresh (it's literally my favorite scent ever) and can act as a perfume, but will also keep your hair looking bomb after some sweat and dancing happens to it.

4. Mini Bronzer:

Sometimes a little extra color on the face helps me if I'm feeling drab, or if I just happen to find myself in a bathroom with sad lighting. In the dead of winter I can look unfortunately pale so a little extra bronzer truly goes a long way. I recommend Hoola by Benefit. They sell a tiny version of it that comes with a mini brush and mini mirror. Fits perfectly in any clutch. 

5. Concealer: 

Probably the most obvious on the list as it’s a small, easy to apply necessity that does the most damage control. Concealer can fix anything from someones lipstick smudged on your cheek from the huge kiss they had to give you, to some mascara residue under your eyes from when you were crying at the ceremony. One I highly recommend is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12-Hour Concealer.

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Brittany Lo