Essentials for a Summer Wedding

10 Things You Must Bring To A Summer Outdoor Wedding!

Outdoor summer weddings are always fun, but there are some things that you must remember to ensure you maximize your experience.  If you have a summer wedding coming up, I’ve created a list of some essentials you definitely shouldn’t leave the house without!

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Xo, B. Lo

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1.  Sunblock

If you have an outdoor wedding coming up, a travel sunblock for your clutch is an essential!  The Shiseido Clear Stick sunscreen is perfect because it fits right in your bag and can be applied directly over your makeup if you feel yourself starting to burn!

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2. Blotting Papers

Celebrating a wedding in the summer under the sun may require some maintenance for your makeup.  If you see your face starting to get shiny, you won’t want to forget having a pack of Boscia Blotting Sheets to save your makeup from melting off!

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3.  Hair Tie Bracelet

With a summer wedding, comes heat, humidity, and dancing of course!  Your hair may require some attention and if you don’t want to lose your elegance, you can wear a Maria Shareen Bracelet to disguise your hair tie throughout the day!

4.  Portable Charger

An outdoor wedding may mean there are no outlets nearby.  To make sure your phone lasts the day, make sure to bring along a battery pack such at this cute Kate Spade Charger!

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5.  Handheld Fan

Summer weddings are always fun, but avoid the unbearable heat by bringing along an easy travel sized fan!  This will keep you cool throughout the celebration and you’ll be able to enjoy the entire reception with ease!


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6.  Rollerball Perfume

Bring along an easy rollerball perfume to freshen up throughout the day.  The Daisy Eau So Fresh Rollerball is the perfect size for your clutch and a light scent that will leave you smelling clean and refreshed throughout the day!

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7.  Travel Deodorant

An on-the-go antiperspirant is essential to bring to an outdoor summer wedding.  Bring along a Secret Freshie deodorant for a pick-me-up and to protect against any unwanted odors throughout the celebration!

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9.  Insect Repellent Wipes

An outdoor wedding often means some unavoidable insects and mosquitos.  Avoid getting bug bites and been itchy all night by taking along some easy on-to-go insect repellent wipes!

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10.   Ibuprofen/ Pain Reliever

In many cases, people forget to keep hydrated throughout the wedding celebration thus leading to headaches.  Just in case you get caught in this situation, you’ll be happy to have brought along some ibuprofen!

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11.  Heal Plugs

Beauty is pain and we understand if you don’t want to sacrifice your heels for an outdoor wedding!  Definitely bring along some Solemates Heel Plugs to prevent your heel from sinking into the ground!  

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Brittany Lo