Things You Should Know Before Your Trial

5 Things You Should Know Before Your Hair and Makeup Trial

Having a hair and makeup trial is an exciting opportunity to get a sense of what your beauty look will look like for your special day! This opportunity also allows your stylist to get to know your hair type and aesthetic preferences. I’ve listed some beauty life-hacks below that I hope helps you get the most of out this experience and allows it to go as seamlessly as possible!

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1.  Always wear white

Make sure you wear a white top so you will be able to compare your trial look to how it will look on your wedding day!  Wearing a color other than white may change how you perceive the different shades and the colors may come off different depending on what you wear.

2.  Bring any accessories you will be wearing on the big day

If you can, try to pick out your wedding accessories prior to your trial!  Your hairstyle will likely alter depending on your veil, hair clips, or extensions!  You might also change your mind on your hairstyle depending on the size of your necklace or earrings! 

3.  Bring pictures for inspiration

Do your research before your trial!  Bring some pictures for inspiration, but don't feel required to only bring one!  If you like one style from the front and another style from the back, bring them both and let your stylist know!  Your stylist wants to make sure you love your look as much as you want to!  

4.  Be present in the moment

Always be present and communicate clearly with your hair stylist and makeup artist what you like and do not like.  If you don't like something, don't be afraid to speak up!  The hair and makeup artists only want to work with you to make your wedding look all you wanted! 

5.  Come with a natural face and clean dry hair

You want your stylists to know what they are working with, so come with a bare face and natural hair! 


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