How I Stay Organized at Work

Staying organized is something I have always struggled with, but when you run your own business there is no time for disorganization. At work, I have found ways to set myself up for success so that I don’t even have to worry about things getting chaotic.  Here are my must-haves that keep me in check. 

File Folders

It is way to easy for my desk to get cluttered with paperwork. The easy solution for me was investing in some file folders. I can easily keep my clients paperwork organized and separated with this folder from Martha Stewart.


Keeping a planner seems like an obvious answer to staying organized but not everyone takes the time to really put theirs to work. Color coordinating and using fun stickers to mark important events or meetings helps me stay on task. My planner from Martha Stewart helps me see the big picture of my month ahead. 

Sticky Notes

My planner is great for big picture planning but my weekly sticky notes are what help me with my day-to-day. On these pads, I’m able to both schedule for work and my personal life. I usually keep this next to me at my desk so I can easily glance down and see what I have to do for the rest of the day.


My notebook is always by my side. I can easily jot down ideas, contacts, or anything I want to be able to come back too. A lot of times we think that we can just remember information but with our busy lives, it’s so easy to forget. I make sure to write anything and everything down to help me stay on top of things. My go-to notebook is by the brand Moleskine.

Headspace App


Even with all my desk supplies, I know that the only way I can truly work my best is when my mind is clear and I’ve taken the time I need to re-center and re-focus. My favorite app for this is Headspace. I usually will start my day with one of their guided meditations. Doing this daily really allows me to be present and ready for the day ahead. 


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